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Know your world: Marshall Island

Located in the North Pacific Ocean, Marshall Island is regarded as one of the large island groups of what is known as Micronesia. The capital and largest city of this island nation is Majuro. The official languages of communication are English and Marshallese.  This island nation is a republic with a free association with the USA, with America providing grants and funding for defense and social services. The mainsprings of Marshall Island’s economic wealth are agriculture, fishing, and a vibrant service sector.  It is estimated that, over 90% of the populace of this island are practicing Christians with the other percentage practicing some form of indigenous religion.

Below are a few facts and figures that are associated with Marshall Island:

  • 181 square kilometers: this is the size of the country’s land mass. Of this mass, there is a zero percentage of water mass within the land mass.
  • 68,000: this is the total population of people in the island.
  • 115 Million US Dollars: this is a figure that alludes to the GDP of this island nation. This can be equated to $ 2, 900 per capita incomes.
  • +692: this is the international calling code.
  • $: The USA dollar is the official currency used in this state.

When you are in the Marshall Islands for your well deserved holiday, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure you have the time of your life. Some of these activities include:

  • Sailing – in the Marshall Island, sailing is done the traditional way. This is by rowing the traditional outrigger canoe along the Majuro lagoon.
  • Picnics: you can picnic in the pristine white sand beach at Laura. Along this white sand beach, one can have a wedding. The legal complexities should of course be cleared with the office of the relevant government official.
  • Deep sea diving, as well as floating over the coral reefs in the saline water.

To be able to explore the Marshall Island to the maximum, one needs the services of a reliable transport means to marshal islands and in the island. The Island is served by a number of airstrips, but the main airport and entry point is the Marshall International Airport. Up until 2005, the national carrier was Aloha airlines.

To navigate within the island, you will need the services of a reputable car hire agency. The entity is served by a number of car rental companies that offer services to both high end tourists, as well as those on holiday budget.

When leasing a car from a car rental facility, the client will be required to pay for operating costs such as fuel, and insurance. Most car hire companies will require the driver to have an International driving license before they entrust their asset to you.  For those who are travelling on a budget, fret not. There are a number of cheap car hire service providers that offer cheap car hire services, therefore, ensuring your needs are met.

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